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Bruce Willey is a farmer, freelance writer and photographer based out of Bishop, California, . Before going freelance in 2006, he was the news editor at a Santa Cruz, CA weekly newspaper for six years where he won several awards from the California Newspaper Publishers Association for his writing and reporting. His writing has appeared in Climbing magazine, Adventure Sports Journal, Urban Climber, Ottawa Citizen, Featurewell, and his former newspaper GT Weekly where he is a monthly columnist. He has added photography to both suppliment and compliment his stories. See more photos at

Clients in writing, editing, and photography include:

LA Weekly (photos)
The Villager —NYC (writing)
Emory University (editing)
Climbing magazine (w & p)
Urban Climber (writing)
National Geographic Adventure (w&p)
Sharp End Publishing (photos)
Adventure Sports Journal (w & p)
Metro San Jose (writing)
Monterey Herald (writing)
Mountain Gazette (photos)
Metro Santa Cruz (writing)
GT Weekly (writing & photos)
The Mermen (writing)
Mill Valley Reader (writing)
Dublin Times (writing)
Emirates in-flight magazine (w)